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"Is my book even any good?"

"How do I know when my story is ready for publishing?"

"I know I need help, but where do I start?"

If this is you, then I have good news. 

Plenty of authors have been exactly where you are.
If you're wondering what the next step is in your manuscript's journey, then you're in luck.

the search endshere

My name is Becca 


I am a professional freelance book editor that specializes in:

​- Fantasy

- Science Fiction

- Young Adult​

My goal is that your words, your vision, come to life on the page

through in-depth, intentional editing catered specifically to you. ​

I ensure that each manuscript receives the utmost care,

delivering excellence through each editing pass.

Specifically, I have an eye for:

- character development

- world-building

- wordsmithing

​If you're ready to take your manuscript to the next level,

claim your spot now for my Manuscript Mastery process! 

Editing Services

I specialize in all fundamentals of book editing:

manuscript review, copyediting, and proofreading.

I provide developmental editing on a case-by-case basis. 

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