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  • Over three weeks I read EVERY page of your manuscript, taking notes, and drafting a personalized MANUSCRIPT MASTERY ANALYSIS.

  • This analysis tells you what you're doing WELL and how to KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO GREAT.

  • It also tells you how you can improve, with SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS that show you a CLEAR PATH FORWARD. 

  • Finally, you get my PERSONAL recommendations for follow-on editing. 

  • I make it easy for you. 

  • And right now I'm offering FREE BONUSES when you participate in the MANUSCRIPT MASTERY process. 

WHAT is it?

 Why is this the best place to start your editing journey? 

 I have 3 answers. 

  1. When you start with Manuscript Mastery, the ENTIRE COST of the process is CREDITED toward any further editing we do together. 

  2. This process gives you a TRIAL PERIOD. If you decide that I'm not a good fit for your manuscript, then you have an easy out at the end of the three-week process, without having broken the bank on an editor only to realize you don't prefer their style. The power is in your hands!

  3. After receiving your MANUSCRIPT MASTERY ANALYSIS you might realize that you have plenty of inspiration to keep writing and perfecting your manuscript, and that you want to hold off on further editing for the time being. If that's the case, great! Your credit will still stand with me if down the line you choose to have me do further editing.

WHY, though?

Bonus No. 1 is my PERSONAL World-Building 101 Guide

- Through my experience of immersing myself in stories like yours, I've compiled my very own guide. If you're struggling to develop certain aspects of your story, or aren't sure what elements might be missing, THIS is the solution. I'm GIVING this to you, FREE of charge. 

- I take you from A to Z with your world, starting with your specific plot line, and then branching out to every other imaginable aspect to create the rough draft of YOUR WORLD.

- The Guide ALSO includes steps to design your VERY OWN VISUAL of your manuscript's PLOT


Bonus No. 1

Bonus No. 2 is a PERSONALIZED Style Guide for YOUR Manuscript.

- This style guide lists out names, places, dates, and anything else specific to YOUR STORY that you need to keep track of.

- Each item in the guide is accompanied by a brief description or definition.

- You might not even be aware of how many pertinent details there are in your narrative!

- This is a critical tool to keep your story consistent and avoid any contradictions in your manuscript.

- You get to KEEP the style guide, for FREE! It doesn't get much better than that. 


Bonus No. 2

Bonus No. 3 is a HANDCRAFTED VISUAL of your ENTIRE Manuscript's PLOT.


- This is a graphic that I create, exhibiting the overall arc of your story. It highlights important points in the narrative, and can help illuminate where any gaps might be in the story arc.

- This allows you to see the WHOLE story, start to finish, instead of trying to keep all the pieces together in your head. 

- The BEST part is, if you continue in the editing journey with me, any changes you make to your story I  INCORPORATE into your visual, to keep it UP TO DATE with every new edit. 


Bonus No. 3

Still unsure? No problem! CLICK HERE to see the full breakdown of information regarding Manuscript Mastery,

OR check out the FAQs

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