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How much does Manuscript Mastery cost?

The Manuscript Mastery process is a flat rate of $500. When you see the breakdown of what you get for that rate, you see how great of a deal it is.

Why does it cost that much?

Here's a brief breakdown: If I have a 90,000 word document and I read 3,000 words/hour, then at a flate rate of $500 that is just over $16/hour to read the manuscript. That doesn't include time to write the analysis, OR the FREE BONUSES you get when you participate in the Manuscript Mastery process. Frankly, it's a steal.

How much time does the process take? 

Three to four weeks. I read your manuscript over three weeks and send over your Manuscript Mastery Analysis. We then hop on a call to discuss the analysis after you've had time to look it over. There are special circumstances in which it may take slightly longer, but this would be discussed beforehand.

Have you read my kind of book before?

That depends. I specialize in Fiction/Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and YA, so if your book falls somewhere into any of those three categories then YES I have read a book like yours before.

Can you get my book published?

No. BUT if you choose to go through the entire editing process with me, then once we determine your book is ready for print as A FINAL BONUS I give you all the information and knowledge I have regarding your three publishing options. This is typically discussed after the Manuscript Mastery process.

Can I skip the Manuscript Mastery process and go straight to Copyediting or Proofreading?

No. And here's why: If what you really want is a copyedit and a proofread, let me first say that the ENTIRE cost of Manuscript Mastery is CREDITED to follow-on editing with me. That means that right off the bat you get a $500 DISCOUNT on any further editing we do together. This benefits you also because I'm basically giving your manuscript an INITIAL read through for FREE. I'll have a much better handling of the text after an introductory read, and be that much more prepared for a copyedit. This also gives us a chance to get to know each other and help you feel confident about having me edit your book start to finish. It's a win-win.

What makes you qualified to edit my book?

I am a certified editor through the Professional Book Editor's Association, and I have been an avid reader since I could pick up a book. I read and analyze dozens of books a year. When you entrust your manuscript to me, it's in good hands.

What if I have an unfinished manuscript?

If you have a minimum of 20,000 words then you are a perfect candidate for Manuscript Mastery. The process is the same, except that in my first read of your manuscript I do not create a write-up. We hop on a call after my initial read, and I give you verbal notes and suggestions. This includes my best tips and tricks for writing regularly, and staying motivated to finish your manuscript! Then, you finish writing your story. Once you finish, you send me the complete document, and I read through the ENTIRE manuscript AGAIN. This time I send you the write-up before we hop on a call, and we proceed with the Manuscript Mastery process as described!

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