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WHAT is copyediting? 

Copyediting, or line editing, is almost always the SECOND step of editing for my clients. 

It is what people typically think of when they hear the word "editing."

This phase is where I, your editor, go into your document and begin to address it at the paragraph, sentence, and word level. 

I read your ENTIRE manuscript, and edit it with a fine-tooth comb. Nothing is left off the table. I read through it with the end goal that it read as clearly and smoothly as possible, highlighting your story, your voice, your characters.


I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word for this process, so that afterward, you get to choose exactly which edits you keep, and which you won't! YOU lead the way when it comes to your story; I am merely offering professional suggestions.

Take note that this is the most IN-DEPTH and INTENSIVE level of editing your document will receive. This also makes it the most expensive, and the most time consuming. 


For these reasons I have ALL clients participate in the Manuscript Mastery process FIRST to ensure that we are a good fit together as author/editor. 


The Manuscript Mastery cost gets credited in its ENTIRETY to all other editing with me, and is a cheaper and quicker process. 


I have limited availability. To claim your spot, apply now!

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