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You are probably familiar with proofreading.


If not, however, it is always the LAST step of editing before a manuscript is transferred to PDF for formatting and publishing. 

This is the LAST PASS. 

Even though it is the last step, it is JUST as important as any step in editing, if not more. This is where your editor's eyes need to be trained to see EVERY detail, from punctuation, to consistent formatting, to hidden typos. 

Any final edits and improvements happen in this step, so even though it typically involves less edits than a copyedit, it is the key final ingredient that turns a manuscript,

into a masterpiece. 

I, your editor, read through your entire manuscript AGAIN. Given that ALL my clients go through the Manuscript Mastery process, even if I give you the green light to go straight to proofreading, this is still the SECOND time I read through your ENTIRE manuscript. 


Typically though, it is the third or fourth. This means that my eyes have been trained through repetition to pick up on inconsistencies, and the minutiae of your story. 

I ALWAYS have my clients participate in the Manuscript Mastery process first, so I can in good conscience recommend the next step of editing, even if it is straight to a proofread.


The Manuscript Mastery cost gets credited in its ENTIRETY to all other editing with me, so there is NO DOWNSIDE to starting with Manuscript Mastery.


I have limited availability. To claim your spot, apply now!

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