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About Me

My name is Becca Wolfarth, and in the book world I go by R. B. Wolf. I am a freelance book editor who specializes in the following genres:


Science Fiction

Young Adult

I am licensed through the Professional Book Editor's Association, and I love walking alongside authors to help their dreams become a reality. I'm a long-time bibliophile, and it is my love of books that led me to this profession. I regularly read books in English, Spanish, and French. I have two bachelor's degrees from UC Davis, and a master's degree from Crown College. I am based in Southern California and I love spending time in coffee shops. 

A unique element that I bring to the book world is that I have explored our natural world. I have traveled to 23 countries across 6 continents, I am trilingual, and I spent 6 years living in the inner city of San Francisco, serving the houseless community. I have a love of peoples and cultures, and it is this love that I hope to spread to each author, each manuscript, that I have the honor of editing. 

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